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Hi To All,
The following are the Resipi Emak Product List and the current price list:
 *Please note that the following are the normal price for off season orders.

Original Chocolate Chip Cookies (with Walnuts)
Medium (300gm) – RM18.00
Large (600gm) – RM33.00

Plain Chocolate Chip Cookies (NO Nuts)
Medium (300gm) – RM17.00
Large (600gm) – RM32.00

Crunchy Oat & Raisins
Medium (300gm) – RM20.00
Large (600gm) – RM37.00

Oat & Almond 

Medium (300gm) – RM20.00
Large (600gm) – RM37.00

Rich Temptations
Medium (300gm) – RM25.00
Large (600gm) – RM46.00

COMBO SET (Original Choc Chip, Oat & Almond, Rich Temptations)
MEDIUM (3 X 300gm) – RM60.00
(3 X 600gm) – RM115.00

Hunny Cornflakes

50 pcs – RM24.00

Moist Chocolate Cake (size: 8 inch x 8 inch, weight: appr 1kg++)
with Ganache Topping – RM45.00
with Chocolate Fudge Topping – RM42.00
with Buttercream Topping – RM38.00

Marble Cake
Size 8 x 8 (1kg ++) = RM 42.00
Size 8 x 3.5 (500gm++) = RM 22.00 

Fruit Cake
Size 6 x 6 (1kg ++) = RM42.00

Muffin (Vanilla/ Chocolate/ Blueberry/ Chocolate Chip/ Orange)
Mini Muffin – RM0.45 per pc
Box of 50pcs – RM22 per box

Medium Size – RM0.80 per pc

Large Size – RM1.30 per pc

*** additional costs will be charged for casing/wrapper

Package include box, Medium Size
Buttercream (Vanilla/Chocolate/Orange/Coffee)
Cake – Chocolate Moist, Vanilla, Marble
Topping: Simple deco with Chocolate Chip/ Flakes/Choc Rice/Nib Almond.
12pcs – RM 28.00
16pcs – RM 35.00
25pcs – RM 55.00

Buttercream + Edible Image
Cake –
Chocolate Moist, Vanilla, Marble
12pcs – RM 48.00
16pcs – RM 65.00
25pcs – RM 100.00


Decorated Cookies
Prices include normal plastic wrapping & gold/silver wire
minimum order 30pcs (M), 20pcs (L)

Medium Cookies (non stick)
Design : Love, Round, Star, Flower, Teddy Bear Face, Mickey Mouse
Simple Deco – RM1.50 (outline only)
Full Icing (royal/icing) – RM1.70
Edible Image wit royal icing – RM2.00

Large Fancy Cookies (non stick)
Design : Love, Round, Teddy Bear, Butterfly, Star, Flower, Gown, Cake, Baby Carriage, Cupcake, Baby Bottle
Simple Deco – RM1.60 (outline only)
Full Icing (royal/icing) – start from RM 2.00 to RM3.50
Edible Image wit royal icing – RM2.50

~ NOTES :-
*** Additional costs will be charged for more than 2 colors

Doorgifts for Wedding/ Birthday/ Kenduri – email to for quotation.

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